Sunday, December 12, 2010


A last look at Knockadea from my mom's back yard. The sun has just set here in Ballylanders.

This little pup stood his ground a bark or flinch. I

I had to check his pulse to be certain he was not made of stone.


This has been the most common bird I've seen. The feeders here are filled with them.

The Bog

I spent the morning traversing this peat bog in Ballylanders. Just to right of center is the old church in Ballylanders.


Local Kilfinane lad. He was helping Patricia put up her Christmas this morning. He's quite a blue grass music fan!

Mist Covered Mountain

An every moment sight here round Ballylanders

Fixer upper

I'm planning to buy this little nearby cottage!

Cotton Candy anyone?


I bought one of those dark Ginger breads in the middle on the high platter. Jane, Alan, Josie and I finished it off shortly with a fine pot of tea.

Lighting of the local tree!

There is the smell of hot apple cider and gingerbread everywhere tonight!

Another small Irish dog!

It's late in Ireland

Christmas Fair

I spent the afternoon at a most wonderful outdoor Christmas fair in Kilfinane with Josie and Allen. In the morning I roamed the hillsides of Ballylanders speaking with several townspeople. And tonight I've had dinner once again with Pat Noonan. Now Alan has just finished me off with port and brandy after some great late night conversation. It's after midnight here and a beautiful evening. I took a late night walk through town breathing in the air of the Irish countryside.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

And here is me staring down a large crow that has just entered my personal space

I'm in Limerick for tonight. Hello to All of you! *. Heading back to Ballylanders tomorrow eve to spend the weekend.

The weather has been fairly mild. The days are quite short. Sun up after 8 and down by 4!


I found out today that Ireland used to live at the equator and the north east of Ireland and the west were once two entirely different land masses from different areas of the planet. And the Cliffs of Moher were actually formed by a once passing river eons ago when they were situated very differently! WOW

Obrien's from another vantage point

Oh sure, one more!

O'Brien's Tower at the Cliffs

Along the sea

A view out the old window

Replacing a window today

Dave's house

Down town Doolin

All the session pubs are here


Another of my new found friends

She seemed to like me

And at this point I'm thinking she's pretty cute too;)!

There goes Altan

This is where I stayed last night, just down the road a 1/4 K

Altan from Doolin

Well read lad. Found him on the sea edge in Doolin

Altan's dog in Doolin

One quash pup and very friendly

Carmel from Doolin

Dave at McDermott's pub

We spent last night there talking about the Irish budget that just passed and will deal hard consequences to most

Doolin friends

Doolin Friends

More Moher

Can't have enough