Sunday, June 11, 2017

Staker Wallace

Plaque in Kilfinane

Refers to the next photo

Kilbehenny graveyard

The stone on the right lists many of my O'Brien lineage

Kilbehenny graveyard

Kilbehenny graveyard

Kilbehenny graveyard

Kilbehenny grave yard

My O'Brien relatives are here

Kilbehenny graveyard

Found what seems to be very close connections to my grandmother on the O'Brien side. This cemetery is well mapped in a book available at the site.

Yesterday's Galtymore summit hike

Recorded our walk up & back on GPS

After the Kilbehenny session.

Full moon rising

Kilbehenny session

My friend Denis joined me on fiddle for this session. Great playing, sharing of tunes and pub singing all around! A brilliant evening!

Local accordionist

Shows up at all the sessions in the area!

Kilbehenny session

Joe and my cousin Hannah O'Brien!

Session at Dan Casey's pub in Kilbehenny

In the short sleeves in the middle is my cousin Larry Roche.

Kilbehenny - ancestral homeland

Kilbehenny is the crossroads of 3 counties, Limerick, Cork and Tipperary. It is near Ballylanders and Mitchelstown.

View my grandmother would look at each day from her home. My mom would visit here. She brought me here in the early 80's.

Both the Roches and O'Briens were originally from this area prior to coming to Ballylanders.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Our hiking team!

Joe, Rita and the gang approaching Galtymore.

Blooming Heather

Heather blooms in August. Then the hillsides are blanketed. Here is an early peek from Galtymore.

Bog cotton

Look close. From the hillside of Galtymore.

Antler moss - Galtymore

Look close you'll see why

Joe & I on top Galtymore

I'm holding a glove between my teeth! HIGH winds. We are on our hands and knees on top in a cloud nearly blown off the top! We held on for dear life just prior a rapid decent from the peak.

View from below Galtymore

View from just below the peak of Galtymore

Joe on the final ascent to Galtymore

More from Galtymore

Hiking Galtymore today

Rita & me

Galtees terrain

Summit in the cloud


Friday, June 9, 2017

Bray - Southeast coast

The end of a good day;)! Hiking the southeast coast Bray to Greystones.

Bray greenery

Today I hiked from Bray to Greystones

This is Greystones harbor

Riley is enjoying Ireland;)


Bray - Southeast coast

Bray leaf

Bray lookout

Bray tracks

Bray hills

Bray - Southeast coast

Bray Bob

Bray to Greystone

Trail hugs the the rails

Bray - Southeast coast

Walking the cliff walk today from Bray to Greystones